Media Publications (selected)

As a sociologist and political analyst, editor, contributing columnist and TV-radio commentator I have published and broadcast numerous of analytical publications in Belarusian and foreign media. Here are selected articles published in foreign and major Belarusian media since 1990.    


  1. Oleg Manaev "25 years of Alexander Lukashenko's rule: from the Belarusian "Robin Hood" - to the "Nottingham Sheriff", June 23, 2019,, Full text:        

  2. Oleg Manaev "About dividing Belarus", April 16, 2019, 

  3. Oleg Manaev, “About emigration to the USA, Trump, and new pro-Moscow dictator in Belarus”, Svaboda, July 21, 2018

  4. Oleg Manaev, “It is not worth illusions that changing the president will necessarily lead to changes”,, August 13, 2017 

  5. Oleg Manaev, “IISEPS does not plan to return to Belarus in the short term”, BelaPAN, August 12, 2017  

  6. Oleg Manaev, “Life and work in the USA”, Belarusian week, August 10, 2017

  7. Oleg Manaev, ““Society in Belarus legitimizes Lukashenko's power”, Deutsche Welle, July 11, 2017

  8. Oleg Manaev, “WAPOR justified IISEPS: It's not us, but BT and the special services behind it use falsifications”, Solidarity, December 23, 2016

  9. Oleg Manaev “IISEPS did not falsify survey data!”, Belarusian Partisan, December 22, 2016   

  10. Oleg Manaev, “Polling organization in exile suspends conducting polls in Belarus”, BelaPAN, August 10, 2016

  11. Oleg Manaev, “Lukashenko for Belarusians is a bird in hands”, Voice of America, September 12, 2015

  12. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus: Elections-2015”, 5 interviews, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, January-July 2015 DOWNLOAD

  13. Oleg Manaev, “Ukraine-Russia crisis significantly affected Belarusians”, EuroRadio, October 20, 2014  

  14. Oleg Manaev, “Prihodnost Belorusije je se vedno odprta”, Reporter (Ljubljana, Slovenia), October 6, 2014 DOWNLOAD

  15. Oleg Manaev, “The state of Belarusian society”, PRIMUS.BY, July 29, 2014

  16. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusians turned on social-political reverse”, Deutsche Welle, April 18, 2014  

  17. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusian society’s attitudes to the state-run and non-state media”, TUT.BY, January 30, 2014 

  18. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus needs bourgeois-democratic revolution”, Gazeta, January 23, 2014 

  19. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusians are disappointed of unrealized expectations”, Euro Radio, January 14, 2014 

  20. Oleg Manaev, “US-Russia Relations Today”, East Tennessee TV, Knoxville, September 25, 2013

  21. Oleg Manaev, “Peculiarities of Belarusian Regime”, East Tennessee Radio, Knoxville, September 23, 2013 

  22. Oleg Manaev, “Split of the Society is Lukashenko’s Main Historical Fault”, Deutsche Welle, July 24, 2013 

  23. Oleg Manaev, “From Philosophy of Barricades to Philosophy of Co-Existence”, Mediakritika, March 18, 2013 

  24. Oleg Manaev, “What Belarusians Think?” Belarus Digest, January 18, 2013

  25. Oleg Manaev "Even after Lukashenko most part of present opposition leaders will not see power as their own ears", Belgazeta, December 3, 2012 DOWNLOAD

  26. Oleg Manaev, “Trust Is Back”, Belorusy i Rynok, April 9, 2012  

  27. Oleg Manaev, “Ruling Class Needs Funding, Not Suggestions”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, March 21, 2012

  28. Oleg Manaev, “Vacillating” Majority is Not Interested in Politics”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, December 28, 2011

  29. Oleg Manaev, “The Divided Society”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, February-March, 2011 DOWNLOAD

  30. Oleg Manaev, “Gloomy Autumn”, Narodnaya Volya, September 30, 2011 

  31. Oleg Manaev. “Collapse”, Narodnaya Volya, June 28, 2011 

  32. Oleg Manaev, “Changes in Geo-Political Attitudes towards EUShouldn’t be Overestimated”, Deutsche Welle, April 8, 2011   

  33. Oleg Manaev "To lean to think", InfoCom, December 2010 DOWNLOAD

  34. Oleg Manaev, “Presidential Campaign-2010: Electoral “Landscape”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, October 17, 2010  

  35. Oleg Manaev, “Key Word for this Elections Should be “Perspectives”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, October 4, 2010  

  36. Oleg Manaev, “No Pretensions”, Narodnaya Volya, June 27, 2010

  37. Oleg Manaev, "Religious renaissance in post-Soviet Belarus did not lead to a change in values", Deutsche Welle, January 7, 2010 DOWNLOAD

  38. Oleg Manaev, “Lukashenko today protects interests of officials and big business”, Deutsche Welle, August 13, 2009 

  39. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus in “the Disinformation Circle”, New Europe, June 14, 2007 

  40. Oleg Manaev, “Public Opinion in Belarus will be Determined by the Sate”, Belarusian Partisan, March 6, 2007   

  41. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus and European Union: Matrix of Reality”, Belaruski Rynok, February 26, 2007  

  42. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusian Choice”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, January 7, 14, 21, 2007 DOWNLOAD

  43. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus: 15 years of Independence”, Gazeta, December 18, 2006

  44. Oleg Manaev,"The long echo of Chernobyl", IISEPS News N 2, 2006 DOWNLOAD

  45. Oleg Manaev, “EU should target Belarus arms trade”, EUobserver, March 29, 2006

  46. Oleg Manaev at all, “Belarus-2006: Paths to Changes”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, January 19, 2006 DOWNLOAD

  47. Oleg Manaev, “Foes Around?” Zerkalo, October 5, 2005

  48. Oleg Manaev, "All ages are submissive obscene language", Zerkalo, N 10, 2005 DOWNLOAD

  49. Oleg Manaev, “Long-lasting Echo of National Referendum”, Zgoda, N 10, 2005 DOWNLOAD

  50. Oleg Manaev, "Reconstruction of the concept of corruption and its measurement", IISEPS News N 2, 2005 DOWNLOAD

  51. Oleg Manaev, “Unfair Power itself Pushes People to revolution”, Narodnaya Volya, April 1, 2005

  52. Oleg Manaev, “Relay of Freedom”, SME (Bratislava), March 13, 2005

  53. Oleg Manaev, “Orange Prospects” for Belarus”, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, January 9, 2005

  54. Oleg Manaev, “Women’s Features of Belarusian Alternative”, Zgoda, December 17, 2004

  55. Oleg Manaev, “Electoral Resources for President Lukashenko”, Zerkalo, November 5, 2004

  56. Oleg Manaev, “Modern Features of Belarusian Elite”, Zgoda, September 29, 2004

  57. Oleg Manaev, “How to Push Belarusians for Changes?” Svobodnye Novosti plus, August 11, 2004

  58. Oleg Manaev, “Silent revolution” or How a Structure of Belarusian Society is Changing”, Narodnaya Volya, July 15, 2004

  59. Oleg Manaev, “Four Pillars of President Lukashenko’s Power”, Vremya Novostey (Moscow), July 8, 2004

  60. Oleg Manaev, "Belarusians at home: with alcohol, but without sex", Express News, 2 July 2004

  61. Oleg Manaev , “Newest Trends of Internet Use in Belarus”,, July 1, 2004

  62. Oleg Manaev, “Notorious Disappearances as Factor of Authorities’ De-Legitimization”, Svobodnye Novosti plus, April 29, 2004

  63. Oleg Manaev, "Where does a single state ideology lead Belarus?" Zgoda, April 4, 2004 DOWNLOAD

  64. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus-Russia: Doomed to Friendship?” Svobodnye Novosti plus, December 12, 2003

  65. Oleg Manaev, “Rating as factor of Political Mobilization”, Svobodnye Novosti plus, October 18, 2003

  66. Oleg Manaev, “Where Belarusian Voters Have Been Lost?” Volny Chas, June 17, 2003 DOWNLOAD

  67. Oleg Manaev, “OCSE Advisory and Monitoring Group in Belarus: Mission Impossible?” Narodnaya Volya, May 15, 2002

  68. Oleg Manaev, “Quest for the Lost Alternative”, Svobodnye Novosti, April 20, 2002

  69. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusian Electorate: navigation for Candidates for Presidency”, IISEPS News, 2002, 1-2-3: 5-21

  70. Oleg Manaev, "IISEPS: ten years of struggle for the right on independent judgment", Belarus Today, February 4, 2002 DOWNLOAD

  71. Oleg Manaev, “Post-Communist Dilemma: Aristocracy vs. Democracy or New Challenges to Media and Politics”, Svobodnye Novosti, December 2, 2001

  72. Oleg Manaev, “Presidential Elections: What Really Has Happened?” Svobodnye Novosti, November 9, 2001

  73. Oleg Manaev, “Presidential Elections: Probable Scenario”, Svobodnye Novosti plus, December 23, 2000

  74. Oleg Manaev, “Parliamentary Elections: Landscape after the Battle”, Narodnaya Volya, October 27, 2000

  75. Oleg Manaev, “Information and Communication Technologies between Public and the State Determine Future of the Country”, in Zvyazda, September 21, 2000  

  76. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus-2000: Why there are no Changes?”, 5 interviews, Svobodnye Novosti Plus, August-September 2000 DOWNLOAD

  77. Oleg Manaev, “Future President in Belarusians’ Ideas” in Nasha Svaboda, August 21, 2000

  78. Oleg Manaev, “Electoral Resources of Belarusian Democracy”, Brestski Kurier, August 18, 2000

  79. Oleg Manaev, “Rule of Law a-la Belarus”, in De-facto, March 29, 2000

  80. Oleg Manaev, “Technology of Development of Information-Analytical Infrastructure for Private Enterprise”, in Public Word, October 25, 1999

  81. Oleg Manaev, “Public Economic Attitudes as Factor of Social Development”, Belaruski Rynok, March 18, 1999

  82. Oleg Manaev and Roger Alworth, “Belarusian Scholar Believes Russia Needs Marshall Plan”, in Enterprise Record (Chico), September 5, 1998 DOWNLOAD

  83. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus Non-State TV and its Audience”, Belaruski Rynok, January 31, 1998

  84. Oleg Manaev, “Both Authorities and Public Need Unbiased Information”, in News, February 27, 1998

  85. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus as Detonator for Europe” in Svaboda, September 23, 1997

  86. Oleg Manaev, «On the Thin Ice: Sociological Portrait of President Lukashenko’s Electorate», in Beloruskaya Delovaya Gazeta, September 1, 1997. 

  87. Oleg Manaev, “Both the State and the Public Need Independent think tanks”, Zvyazda, February 7, 1997 

  88. Oleg Manaev, “There are Opinion Leaders in Belarus, and One Should Listen to them”, in Zvyazda, November 21, 1996

  89. Oleg Manaev, “Belarusian Authorities in the Mirror of Public Opinion”, in Svaboda, July 2, 1996

  90. Oleg Manaev, “A Few Could Do Politics but Everyone Should Participate in “Civil Construction”, in Zvyazda, November 16, 1995 DOWNLOAD

  91. Oleg Manaev, “Belarus through US Students Eyes”, in Minsk Economic News, November 18, 1994 DOWNLOAD

  92. Oleg Manaev, “Soros Foundation: Strategy for Belarus”, in Narodnaya Gazeta, November 12, 1994 DOWNLOAD

  93. Oleg Manaev, “Lost Belarusians: on the Role of Opinion Polls in Social Development”, Sovetskaya Belorussiya, July 5, 1992 DOWNLOAD

  94. Oleg Manaev and Olga Wojtas, “Gloomy Reality behind the Great Lie”, the Times Higher (London), December 13, 1991

  95. Oleg Manaev and Yuri Drakokhrust, “What Belarusian Popular Front should be?” in Soglasiye, October 29, 1990 DOWNLOAD  

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