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IISEPS Civic Society Cooperation

IISEPS cooperated with the following structures of Belarus civil society:

  • Civil movement “For Freedom”

  • Civil campaign “Tell the Truth”

  • Young Front

  • Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC)

  • Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions

  • Assembly of Democratic NGOs

  • Civil campaign “Our House”

  • Civil campaign “Boudz’ma”

  • Belarusian Association for Journalists (BAJ)

  • “Our Opinion”

  • Center for Legal Transformation

  • Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)

  • Human Rights Center “Vyasna”

  • Belarusian Schuman Society 

  • “Ecodom”

  • Information Bureau for Solidarity with Belarus 

  • “Narodnaya Volya”

  • “Kosht Uradu”

  • Belarusian Institute for Reforms and Public Administration Transformation (BIRAT)

  • Office for European Expertise and Communication 

  • Office for Disabled People Rights


Forms of this cooperation varied:

  • National polling on the issues requested by these structures

  • Providing first-hand data and analytics by IISEPS experts

  • Writing analytical and policy papers for the leadership of theses structures

  • Key note speeches at the meetings and congresses of theses structures

  • Joint briefings and press-conferences  

  • Publishing books based on the results of cooperation with these structures (“Labor market and labor relations for women and youth in Belarus”, 2011; “Youth and civil society in Belarus: new generation”, 2011; “Youth at the labor market and in the labor relations system”, 2013).


By this way IISEPS multiplies its influence on public opinion and policy in Belarus. 

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